Westbrook Memorial Institute

Westbrook Memorial Institute. This was opened in 1867 by the widow of Edward Westbrook (d. 1864) to be a working men’s club. In 1871 she endowed it with furniture, books, and £1,000 stock. By 1956 it was felt to have outlived its usefulness, but it was still in existence in 1958: there were one or two boarders and the downstair rooms were used for meetings of local societies. It then went on to be used as a shooting club before it’s demolition
Westbrook Memorial Institute

Brick making was a large part of our local history and it was undertaken by quite a few family’s here in Heston one of the family names was Westbrook and I remeber the Westbrook Memorial Institute on New Heston Road a rather large and eerie building to me. Brick making went on in most of the neighbouring boroughs but died out eventually, but it is certainly part of our past.

Below is the will of John Westbrook presented in a Microsoft Sway format if you click on the symbol with 4 arrows it will open up to full page, click Escape to co return to normal.

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