Local Plan Reviews

The Council is currently consulting on three significant policy proposals.  The consultation period for these “Local Plan Reviews” runs until 10th December 2017.
The Council’s Planning Department is responsible for ensuring that new developments are compatible with the neighbourhood where it will be situated.  What is considered to be acceptable development is defined within the Council’s Local Plan. 
Draft Great West Corridor covering the eastern part of the Borough comprising parts of the wards of Osterley, Syon, Brentford and Turnham Green and is identified as one of the new Opportunity Areas in the emerging London Plan.  The six chapters and one appendix of the review proposals are presented as separate documents for ease of use. All chapters are relevant.
Draft Brentford East Supplementary Planning Document.  This seeks to provide more detailed information and planning and design guidance for new development within the Brentford East area.  The seven chapters and one appendix are presented as several separate documents together with additional supporting documents.
Draft West of the Borough which forms part of the Heathrow Opportunity Area and covers the wards of Bedfont, Feltham West and North, Hanworth Park, Hanworth, Hounslow Heath and West, Cranford, Heston West, Central and East and borders the eastern and southern boundaries of Heathrow Airport.  It comprises six chapters, and one appendix, presented as separate documents.
Opportunity Areas are those designated for significant business growth and housing development with improved public transport which gives an indication as to the likely overall Borough-wide impact of the proposals.
The public consultation enables groups such as Heston Residents’ Association and individuals, to help shape the future of the relevant areas over the next 15 years.
Fundamental issues to consider are the “Preferred Options” with their dependence on “game changing” public transport to be delivered by other bodies.
For further details of the consultation and how to respond to it please link to the Council’s website at:
Nick Marbrow
10 November 2017
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