The White House

The White House is a house that used to exist in Heston on the site now occupied by Palmer Close.

It was built they say by Oliver Cromwell to house a family member probably his daughter Elizabeth who is said to have lived in Heston.

It became the the home of Lynwood Palmer in 1911 until his death in 1941. Mr Palmer a famous equestrian artist whose paintings are still under great demand. One of these painings sold at auction in New York in 2008 for $35,000. 

He also kept horses at the house and he cared for the 1924 Grand National winner “Master Robert” which was how the newly opened Master Robert on the Great West Road became named.  

After this time it was owned by Dr Russell Blacker and his family up until it was compulsorily purchased by the local authority. Shortly after which it was burnt down in an arson attack.

The site was then rebuilt as Palmer Close which remains there to this day.  

Below are Emails from Dr Blacker

Dear Heston RA

I thought you might like a photo of the White House Upper Sutton Lane –
Lynwood Palmer’s home – where we lived until it was compulsorily purchased
off us and then mysteriously burned (arson) a few months later.
We understood that it was built by Cromwell for one of his relatives. I
remember the secret passage that ran from the back of a cupboard through to
the other end of the house.


Actually the last owners were my grandmother Gwendoline Getgood (a
friend of the artist Augustus John) and my uncle and aunt – ‘Mickey’ and
Annette Mason who used the paddocks for quarantining animals that Mickey
captured in India SE Asia and elsewhere – in preparation for shipping to
London and San Diego zoos. They also had boarding kennels alongside – and a dance school!

Dr Russell Blacker

Photographs supplied by Dr Russell Blacker

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