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Heston 100 years ago

The folowing article was published in the RAM Magazine on January 2021 and was written by Mike Peart

James Lynwood Palmer
James Lynwood Palmer was a British artist who lived in Heston. He was born in 1868 in Market Rasen Lincolnshire. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘Horses in an extensive landscape with figures beyond’ sold at Christie’s New York ‘Sporting and Wildlife Art’ in 2008 for $35,000. His most expensive painting sold at Sotheby’s in London on the 1st of July 2004 for £57,600.The artist died in 1941 in Heston
Upper Sutton Lane, Looking towards the junction with Sutton Road. c.1920. The Barns on the left were part of The White House owned by Mr. Lynwood Palmer. The gate on the right led to The Hermitage the last thatched house in the borough.
Mr. Lynwood Palmer and his Telegraph coach in the stable yard of the White House. c.1930. Mr Palmer was an artist of racehorses and lived there from 1911 until his death in 1941. The White house was demolished in 1964 and Palmer Close now occupies the site.
The newly opened Master Robert public house on the Great West Road in 1929. The Inn sign was painted by Lynwood Palmer, seen seated on his Telegraph coach. The horse “Master Robert” won the 1924 Grand National after being cared for in Heston by Mr. Palmer
You Tube video of the 1924 Grand National
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The image above shows where James Lynwood Palmer is buried in area E plot D16 in St Leonard’s churchyard Heston.
James Lynwood Palmer's Grave in St Leonard's Heston

The photograph above shows the grave of James Lynwood Palmer very much in disrepair and in need of renovation.

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Private Frederick John White

In 1846 Private John White was a member of the British Army stationed at Hounslow Barracks. He assaulted his commanding officer and was sentenced to 150 lashes with a “cat o nine tails”. He subsequently died from his injuries. This caused a major upset in and beyond parliament resulting in the abolishment of flogging. The local vicar of St Leonard’s church was instrumental in the campaign to abolish flogging and he informed the Middlesex coroner. Private John White is buried in St Leonard’s church Heston. (see map below) in area C41 on the left hand side near the entrance.

Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood was one of the worlds leading motorcycle racing stars many beleive him to be the best, but when comparing sportsmen from different era’s it is impossible to compare.

Without doubt though Mike Hailwod was the best British motorcycle racer of his day

Mike lived in a flat on the Wheatlands Estate for many years

Bill Ivy

Bill Ivy was a succesful motorcycle Grand Prix rider who was sadly taken from us before reaching his full potential


He was a friend of Mike Hailwood and lived in a flat on Wheatlands alongside him 

Don Allum

Don Allum rowed single handed across the Atlantic Ocean and then back again he was the first man to achieve this marvelous feat

Navinder Singh Sarao

Navinder Singh Sarao is the infamous trader who lived in Heston

who is alleged to have caused the “Flash Crash” in 2010

The image to the right shows Sanjeev Bhaskar looking up at the flat where he used to live.

The flat in Vicarage Farm Road is opposite the Community Centre

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