Chairmans Report 2020 / 2021



Meeting Started at 19:42
Mangal Chudha.

R.Bhatti. J. Lawes.

Minutes of the last 87th AGM: Agreed and signed.

Matters Arising: None.

Receipt and adoption of the Chairman’s Annual Report:
The lockdown imposed by the Govt, due to the Wuhan virus (Covid-19) pandemic.
At a special general Meeting on the 3rd Nov 2020, it was agreed to increase the membership subs rates to £6 for local and £12 for postal members this is due to increased costs.
At the last AGM 2020, David Blackett stood down as chair and Mangal Chudha was elected as Chair.
Appreciation and contribution for both Vivienne and David Blackett who has served for 3 decades as treasure and then chair (2004) for RAM
Chairman’s annual report was adopted by Vivienne Blackett and seconded by Lata Dhiri.

Receipt of the examined accounts for 2020 and 2021:
Chair stated he had problems to get the accounts audited and needed support from the membership to arrange an bookkeeper to check the accounts, 2 members and I Hansen can speak to someone to check the accounts. Chair will try to present accounts at the next meeting.

Nick Marbow Treasure: Advertising was the income maker of the RAM magazine, interest from Scottish Widows was £2.15.
David Blackett appologised for the dealy of the RAM magazines due to the printers had printers who were off sick.
I.Hansen asked to see if we can lower the cost with cheaper quality paper for the RAM magazine as the cost of Ram magazine has increased by 3 folds as per David Balckett.
Chair want to know if more interest can be made on the principle deposit of £25000, from the Ram magazine /advertising.
Nick Marbrow replied that to keep accounts simple and straight forward as no banks are give good interest rates.   Balance sheets distributed to all on the night of the meeting.

Report of Officers and Committee members (optional)
I.Hansen: wanted to thank Malcolm MacLachlan for assisting I.Hansen in filling in the membership cards which was appreciated.
Nick Marbrow: appreciated the hard work that John Mullins has achieved and stopped beds in sheds.
Nick Marbrow explained that LBHounslow are in breach of their own rules, John Mullins and Nick Marbrow have taken the LBH up on many issues whenever there have been meeting in person or virtual with the council.
Also stopped a development in Chiswick of Jamie Theakston’s (the Heart radio DJ) planning application for a trendy outhouse – kitted out with a kitchen, office, toilet and gym areas – to be built in his garden was rejected by LB Hounslow,.. LB Hounslow ignored their own rules but they were taken to task as John Mullins and Nick Marbrow knew the rules, there was an article in The Sun 5 Jan 2022.
After 15 years won the battles to stop beds in sheds.
John Mullins informed that Orchard Avenue and corner of Vicarage Farm Rd building has been stopped and gone back to planning.

Nick Marbrow: The LBH should do this every year by sending out forms to every house hold to self certify for the council discount, but council is reluctant to do this.
David Blackett: Out buildings are been built even in our area, watching what’s happening. Home Base site public enquiry stating this month it will take some time for the outcome. New Heston Rd proposed new building plan withdrawn and back with the developer.

Chair Mangal Chudha: the last 18 months have been very difficult and stressful and was fed up wanted to quit, we are a small organist ion and we should have worked together, I only support HRA and my family have asked me to cut down on all stress, I am stepping down and will remain on the committee.

Election of Officers and Committee members
Chairman: No Nominations.
Vice Chairman: David Blankett.
Treasure:  Nick Marbrow.
Secretary: No Nominations.
Membership: I Hansen.
Advertising A/C:
Planning: J Mullins.
Mangal Chuda, M MacLachlan. S Goyal, R Bhatti, V. Blankett, L Dhiri, M.Dhiri, T.Tambaya and K.Bhatti.

All Nominations are with David Blackett. VC.

Chair Mangal Chudha: the constitution needs to be revised and up 30 people can be taken into the committee. ​ If the Executive Committee by simple majority decides at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association it shall call a Special meeting of all members of the Association who have the right to vote. A notice of not less than 10 days of the meeting stating the resolution.Decision shall be confirmed by majority voting two thirds.

General Committee shall direct the Exec Committee to dispose of any assets held by or in name of the Association after satisfaction of any debts and liabilities

David Blankett: If members are agreeable then David Bankett will sit in Mangal Chuda chair for seeable future, but will require help.
No Secretary: minutes of the meeting required.
Chair Mangal Chuda: I have never seen anything like this.

Any Other Business
David Blackett: any ideas or invites or speakers then please let me know and we can invite them to the HRA meeting.
Regarding RAM magazine I have been doing it with, but Lyn Streather wants to withdraw and will stay until end 2022.
Contributions for the RAM magazine like poems, write ups and more. So request all to participate.
Steve Curran Labour leader retiring due to health reasons from LB Hounslow.

Chair Mangal Chuda: we need to look at the constitution, few changes can be done to the constitution, close the meeting get together things are back to normal keep the HRA going,  thank you for the support,  but no thanks.
Good night to all.

Meeting ended at 20:43

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