Founded in 1928 as The Heston Ratepayer’s Association

Heston Residents Association

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Upper Sutton Lane, Looking towards the junction with Sutton Road. c.1920. The Barns on the left were part of The White House owned by Mr. Lynwood Palmer. The gate on the right led to The Hermitage the last thatched house in the borough.
Mr. Lynwood Palmer and his Telegraph coach in the stable yard of the White House. c.1930. Mr Palmer was an artist of racehorses and lived there from 1911 until his death in 1941. The White house was demolished in 1964 and Palmer Close now occupies the site.
The newly opened Master Robert public house on the Great West Road in 1929. The inn sign was painted by Lynwood Palmer, seen seated on his Telegraph coach. The horse "Master Robert" won the 1924 Grand National after being cared for by Mr. Palmer

Lynwood Palmer 

James Lynwood Palmer

James Lynwood Palmer was a British painter who lived in Heston. He was born Circa 1868. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Horses in an extensive landscape with figures beyond' sold at Christie's New York 'Sporting and Wildlife Art' in 2008 for $35,000. The artist died in 1941.